Dull and dry report

Dull skin tone is typically a result of poor circulation. Certain triggers can deprive the skin of much needed oxygen and nutrients. Without them it can be left looking lustreless and dull.

You may be surprised to learn that skin is actually the single-largest organ in the human body. Like all other organs, it requires hydration to function. Without proper hydration, skin that lacks moisture will dry up and become withered.

Gender: Female
Age: 43
Treatment target: Dull and dry skin

The objective of treatment for this patient was to bring colour into her cheeks and rehydrate dryness in the cheek areas.

The patient first attended the clinic presenting with dry flaky skin on both cheeks and a dull complexion. She described her skin as tight and uncomfortable and felt that her face lacked colour. Consultation revealed that her water intake was low, and she spent many hours at work exposed to air conditioning.

After the first week of treatment, the patient’s facial colour had begun to change.  By week two, her complexion was looking brighter and the dryness had started reducing. By week three, the flakiness on her cheeks had completely cleared.

After four weeks of treatment, the patient’s skin looked well hydrated and felt supple. Her complexion was bright and glowing.

Four weeks of treatment left this patient with hydrated, youthful and glowing looking skin, that both looked and felt comfortable all day long.