Musculoskeletal report

Musculoskeletal issues are problems associated with the body’s muscles or bones. Often resulting from muscular injuries, our muscles can form what we call myofascial trigger points.

These knotted fibres, called trigger points, restrict fresh blood supply to the muscle cells and cause a shortening of the muscle fibres. These knotted regions cause pain and weakness and reduce the muscles flexibility.

Gender: Female
Age: 46
Treatment target: Neck and shoulder tension

The objective of treatment for this patient was to reduce tension and restore movement to the right-hand side neck and shoulder region.

The patient first attended the clinic presenting with right-hand side shoulder tension with referring tension up into her neck. Consultation revelated that her job involved sitting at a desk for long periods of time.

After the first week of treatment, tension in both the neck and shoulder had begun to reduce, with the tight muscles beginning to soften and relax. At the end of the second week, full range of motion was restored to the patient’s neck. By the third week of treatment, the patient had full range of motion restored to her shoulder.

Three weeks of treatment saw this patient’s muscle tension completely reduce to a point where she was no longer experiencing symptoms. Her muscles were soft and relaxed, and she had zero restriction with movement.